When you buy a new phone, chances are it’ll be locked to the network you bought it on. If you attempt to put another network’s sim card in the device, it will not function. Unlocking your mobile phone enables it to be used with any compatible sim card on any network.

The benefits of this flexibility are:

Freedom to Roam & Save Money
Unlocking your mobile phone may allow you to use dual, tri or even quad band capabilities, allowing you to use your mobile phone in more places around the globe at greater financial savings. An unlocked mobile phone allows you to use any SIM card on any network. By opening up your handset to other networks, you can take advantage of cheaper tariffs from locally competing networks while abroad, drastically cutting down on the cost of calls and text messages.

Increased Resale Value
If you decide to sell your mobile phone, you will find that an unlocked handset is up to 300% more valuable than a locked one. Offering a handset that is unlocked and completely free of restrictions will be far more appealing to potential buyers as they will instantly be able to use their existing SIM card or one from their chosen carrier.

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